Marshall Sterling

Prime Brokerage, Clearing and Custody

Prime of Prime Broker Liquidity across Equities, ETFs, Bonds, CFDs, Forex, Futures and Options

Gain access to Multi-Asset Prime Brokerage, Custody, Clearing and Settlement Services.*

Marshall Sterling: Unlock Growth Opportunities

About Marshall Sterling

Marshall Sterling is a financial institution Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We offer a wide range of financial services including Discretionary Fund Management (DFM), Discretionary Investment Management (DIM), Corporate Finance Advice, Corporate Valuations, Information Memorandums, Prospectuses, Pitch Decks, Fundraising Services, Private Placements of Equity and Credit, Pre-IPO and Public Listing. Additionally, Marshall Sterling provides cost-effective liquidity for self-trade “Execution Only” access to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Equity Shares, Share Dealing, Fractional Share Dealing, Corporate and Government Bonds, Futures and Options, Commodity Derivatives, and Foreign Exchange (FX).

Unlock Growth Opportunities with Marshall Sterling

At Marshall Sterling, we provide access to a comprehensive suite of financial services through our network of trusted counterparties. From full clearing and custody solutions to execution capabilities and capital markets expertise, we facilitate seamless transactions for our clients.

Full Clearing and Custody Solutions

  • Gain access to full client money and asset protection through our designated custodians and sub-custodians, in accordance with FCA’s Client Assets rules (CASS 6 and 7).
  • Take comfort in knowing that CASS-segregated assets may be held in nominee, providing an additional layer of security.
  • Our counterparties act as delegated administrators and custodians compliant with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Agency & Execution

  • Our counterparties serve as one of the largest liquidity hubs for OTC and listed contracts in commodity derivative markets.
  • Utilising their broad market connectivity, they match buyers and sellers on an agency basis.
  • Whether you are a professional investor or single-product producer, executing with Our Counterparties puts you in expert hands. 

Execution Capabilities

  • Through partnerships with industry leaders, Our Counterparties offer a full suite of execution algorithms.
  • Gain direct access to their execution team via an end-to-end electronic platform for electronic care orders, electronic DMA, and voice execution.

Capital Markets & Clearing

  • Our counterparties provide liquidity and hedging across equities, credit, financing, forex, and rates.
  • They offer broker-agnostic clearing services across energy, commodities, metals, and financial markets.
  • Act as principal for wholesale participants, providing personalised account structures, delegated regulatory reporting, and real-time risk feed.

Why Choose Marshall Sterling?

  • At Marshall Sterling, we pride ourselves on providing access to deep liquidity market access, and bespoke hedging and investment solutions to our clients.
  • Our business model is underpinned by our advanced client technology and a portal delivering a prudent approach to capital and liquidity.

Connectivity & Accessibility

  • We provide access to a wide range of industry-standard connectors, including API and FIX, to enhance your trading experience.
  • With global coverage on all major trading platforms, you can access DMA, algorithmic trading, and care orders seamlessly.

*1 The firm may control but not hold client money directly. We work with a number of global counterparties and provide access solutions detailed on this page which may align with a range of professional or institutional clients. The service is supported by advanced technology and institutional operational infrastructure.

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