Marshall Sterling

About Marshall Sterling

Providing, Discretionary Investment and Fund Management, Corporate Finance Advice, Valuations, Information Memorandums, Prospectuses, Fundraising Services, Private Placements and Public Listing by way of our FCA Regulation.

FCA Regulated Portfolio & Fund Managers & Corporate Finance

Marshall Sterling is a financial institution providing, Discretionary Fund Management “DFM”, Discretionary Investment Management “DIM”, Corporate Finance Advice, Corporate Valuations, Information Memorandums, Prospectuses, Pitch Decks, Fundraising Services, Private Placements of Equity and Credit, Pre-IPO and Public Listing by way of our FCA Regulation

Marshall Sterling also provides low cost trading and investment accounts, for un-advised, self-trade “Execution Only” markets including Exchange Traded Funds “ETFs”, Equity Shares, “Share Dealing”, Fractional Share Dealing, Corporate and Government Bonds, Futures and Options, Commodity Derivatives and Foreign Exchange “FX”. Open an investment account with us and get to use professional trading platforms, excellent research and fantastic pricing and liquidity.    

Some of our Core Services
FCA Regulated Traders, Portfolio Managers, Fund Managers, Corporate Finance, M&A, Fundraising, Listings
FCA Regulated Services

Friendly, professional, highly experienced team providing a range of regulated services including Discretionary Investment and Fund Management, Multi-Asset Liquidity, Low Cost Share Dealing, Fractional Share Dealing, ETFs, Forex, Futures and Options  

Low Cost Share Dealing, Online Stocks & Shares ISA, Best Online Trading Platform, FCA Regulated Portfolio & Fund Managers, Equities, ETFs, Bonds, Currency, F&O
Corporate Finance Advice

Our team of investment bankers bring decades of expertise and skill to support your objectives, whether that might be Merger, Acquisition or Disposal. Let our expertise guide and assist you avoiding unnecessary complications of omissions or oversights.  

Corporate Fundraising

Our team of experienced corporate financiers, investment bankers, hedge fund managers and brokers carry a vast knowledge and network of institutional investors that can reduce the cost and time normally associated with a fundraise. Let us help you, from initial structuring mechanism discussions through to completion.  

From Discretionary Portfolio, Investment and Fund Management, through to Corporate Finance Advice, Mergers and Acquisitions, Fundraising, IPOs and Private Placements, Marshall Sterling is well positioned to support your objectives.

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