Marshall Sterling

The Marshall Sterling Equity Value Model Portfolio 

Providing, Discretionary Investment and Fund Management, Corporate Finance Advice, Valuations, Information Memorandums, Prospectuses, Fundraising Services, Private Placements and Public Listing by way of our FCA Regulation.

We aim to beat selective passive stock market indexes over 3–5-year periods. 

We invest into a portfolio of stocks that are generally priced significantly below the intrinsic value of the underlying business. 

What is the product? 

  • Our equity value investment portfolio allows subscribers to invest their capital into a pre-defined model portfolio that seeks to outperform its benchmark such as the FTSE 350. 
  • We never hold your money, and you can withdraw it at any time. 
  • This portfolio is available via Interactive Brokers who is also Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

About the strategy 

  • Our investment approach follows closely the process used by a private owner purchasing a business in its entirety. 
  • We invest based on a rational, tangible assessment of the difference between the stock price and the intrinsic value of the underlying business. 
  • We look for wide margins between those two values. 
  • We focus exclusively on purchasing and holding the stocks of publicly listed companies. 
  • We’re not constrained by any geography, sector or size. We invest where the opportunities arise. 
  • We seek to reduce our non-market risk by holding a group (up to 20 stocks) of these businesses at any given time. 
  • When a stock reaches a price that we no longer consider cheap, we cash out and recycle capital into the next best stock on our watch list. 
  • Our portfolio also typically receives regular dividends from its constituent companies, which are also reinvested back into the strategy. 

Performance information


NOTE: Performance is calculated on Mark-to-Market performance utilising the Time Weighted Rate of Return, which is a time-weighted average calculation method. This takes initial investment and cash flows, weighting each cash flow for its time period, and computes a return rate for the statement period. 
Mark-to-Market (MTM) profit and loss shows how much profit or loss you realised over the statement period, regardless of whether positions are open or closed. 
The performance depicted is based on live trading of the strategy. Where subscriber accounts have been used to obtain the performance, a rolling average of all participating accounts is used. Remember, past performance does not guarantee future results.

Who is it for? 

  • This product is only available to professional investors as defined by the FCA here. 
  • Although many types of people fit this profile, this portfolio caters specifically to corporate treasuries, business owners and business-minded professionals. 
  • Our method is focused and systematic. We approach each investment as though we were buying the entire target company ourselves. 
  • Working with investors who share our perspective ensures that each person involved is focused on long-term growth. 

Fees and charges 

  • Initial fee:  None
  • Annual management fee:  None
  • Performance fee: 25% calculated and charged quarterly high watermark (HWM) basis (see example below). 

Brokerage fees and commissions: 

  • We do not charge commission or management fees.  
  • You will only be subject to transaction processing fees for the orders on your account levied by our counterparties and HMRC (such as stamp duty).  
  • We only receive fees based on good performance. 

Other fees:
You will not be charged any additional fees or commissions when investing into our equity value investment portfolio product. 

Minimum investment: £100,000 GBP

About Jarratt Davis 

  • Jarratt collaborates with the equity value investment portfolio team, heading up deal origination and analysis of the target companies. 
  • He started his professional career in financial services in 2008 and now specialises in financial equity markets and business valuation. 
  • Jarratt is committed to aligning his interests closely with our investors. 

How to invest 

  • Review and complete the Key Features Document (KFD) by clicking the relevant link below; then
  • Review and complete the Suitability Document by clicking the relevant link below; then
  • Either, apply for an account with portfolio relevant brokerage by clicking the Open a Brokerage Account link below; or if you already have an account with Interactive Brokers, log into your administration portal and link your account to us. If you are unsure how to do this, click here to request more information. 
High Water Mark (HWM) Performance Fee example
Start Balance
P&L Before fees
End Balance (Gross)
Rolling HWM
Performance Fee
End Balance (Net)
  • Period 1:
    The strategy generated a profit of £20,000, increasing the balance to £120,000. As this surpassed the rolling high-water mark (HWM) of £100,000, a performance fee of £5,000 (25% of the profit exceeding the HWM) was charged, resulting in an end balance after fees of £115,000.
  • Period 2:
    Despite experiencing a loss of £10,000, the HWM remained at £120,000. No performance fee was charged, leaving the end balance unchanged at £105,000.
  • Period 3:
    A profit of £5,000 was realised, bringing the balance to £110,000, which remained below the HWM of £120,000. Therefore, no performance fee was applicable, resulting in an end balance of £110,000.
  • Period 4:
    With a profit of £20,000, the balance reached £130,000, exceeding the HWM of £120,000. Consequently, a performance fee of £2,500 (25% of the profit above the HWM) was charged, resulting in an end balance after fees of £127,500.
  • Period 5 :
    The balance increased to £132,500 with a profit of £5,000, which exceeded the HWM of £130,000. Hence, a performance fee of £625 (25% of the profit above the HWM) was imposed, resulting in an end balance after fees of £131,875.
Other Services

From Discretionary Portfolio, Investment and Fund Management, through to Corporate Finance Advice, Mergers and Acquisitions, Fundraising, IPOs and Private Placements, Marshall Sterling is well positioned to support your objectives.

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