Portfolio Management

    Marshall Sterling manages money for a variety of international private and institutional clients who seek to take advantage of the resources, expertise and insight of our qualified investment managers.

    As an FCA Authorised Financial Institution, Marshall Sterling operates in accordance with a robust Regulatory framework that provides comfort and peace of mind to our counterparties and clients alike, that we place the protection of client assets* and performance of client portfolios at the forefront of our ethos.

    Our proprietary portfolio management solutions provide our clients and the clients of our intermediaries and counterparties alike with a range of solutions that can be selected according to risk rating, investment objective, time horizon or asset allocation.

    Marshall Sterling also works with leading external third-party institutions to create model portfolios that encompass opportunities not covered within our core investment offering.

    As an example, our proprietary investment offering might include the following opportunities:

    Protected Portfolio

    - Target 0.5% - 3%pa
    - Low volatility
    - Long Only
    - Fixed Income

    Cautious Portfolio
    - Target 5% - 10% pa
    - Low volatility
    - Long Only
    - EU, UK and US Equity and Fixed Income exposure

    Moderate Portfolio
    - Target 10% - 20% pa
    - Moderate to high volatility
    - Long/Short
    - Developed region leveraged multi-asset

    Adventurous Portfolio
    - Target 20% - 50% pa
    - High volatility
    - Long/Short
    - Developed region leveraged equity

    Note that within the various investment objective profiles detailed above, there might be a number of underlying sub-category portfolio offerings or a blended range of portfolio's for diversification or asset allocation purposes.

    Marshall Sterling additionally provides access to tax efficient discretionary or execution only portfolio solutions via a range of routes and vehicles.
    Please ask us for more information.

    In relation to third party offering, the model portfolio solutions can be filtered by way of risk rating, investment objective, time horizon, asset allocation or institution.

    We look forward to assisting you.

    Notes Marshall Sterling arranges the safeguarding and administration of assets but does not directly hold client money. Marshall Sterling provide our own proprietary investment strategies and also provide and/or make available model portfolios of leading third party managers.

    Note the figures depicted within this page are intended examples only for discussion purposes. The products made available may not be suitable for your personal or geographic circumstances. Your capital is at risk, investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you originally invested.
    Please contact us and/or an Independent Financial Adviser for more information.



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