Trade Futures

Trade Futures from just 0.08% or just £9.50 on Single Stock and Soft Commodities

Discount Commissions
We work with a leader in the on the global futures exchanges who can therefore provide attractive volume trading discounts.

Phone Broking
We offer a phone broking service for private clients and fund managers who require access to a broad range of markets.

Market Coverage
We have access to all the major exchanges in Europe, the U.S. the Middle East, the Far East and Australasia.

Dedicated Account Manager
Every client has a dedicated, experienced broker.

Trading Platform Choice
Different trading styles require different trading platforms, accordingly our customers are able to use the major trading platforms of TT, Pats J Trader, CQG, Strategy Runner and Bloomberg.

Choose a platform to suit your trading style

Automate Your Trading System

If you want to Automate your trading we offer a number of solutions. You can use a third party front end such as Strategy Runner or Dysen/IQ Trader which have written to our API or alternatively you can write to the futures API directly.

Apply for an API
You can use your own trading system to automatically place orders. If you have a trading model that works, this has to be the most efficient way of instantly acting on signals.
In conjunction with Patsystems or CQG traders can automate their trading models by using our API. An API is a set of routines, protocols and tools for building software applications.



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